Controversy surrounding the naming of a street in oslo after knut hamsun

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Controversy surrounding the naming of a street in oslo after knut hamsun

Comment Perhaps this is because the issues of place names may superficially appear to be irrelevant There is good reason to suppose that established street names Names and Identities, Oslo Studies in Language 4 2 Historical change may lead to politically motivated changes in place names, although often slow and uneven, and major upheavals such as revolutions tend to entail a total renovation of the names of streets, parks and other urban fixtures.

The names of towns and villages tend to stick more stubbornly. This short essay looks at these three modes, drawing on examples from Tehran, Trinidad and Toronto, eventually relating them tentatively to the emergent multiethnic reality in Oslo and the future prospects for place names in the city.

Parkinand personal names have been studied by AlfordGeertz and others, the semantics of place names has rarely been studied by anthropologists or other social scientists interested in identification.

Perhaps this is because the issues of place names may superficially appear to be irrelevant to social processes. The significance attached by people to geographical names can often be put down simply to mental associations with no direct connection to the actual name. Most people are oblivious of, or indifferent to, the etymology or origin of a particular place name, giving it emotional or cognitive significance on the basis of personal knowledge or experiences.

Few give much attention to the historical connection of New York to the north English city at the confluence of the Ouse and the Foss or the fact that the great world city was, in an earlier stage of colonialism, called New Amsterdam ; and London is far better known for its pubs and double-decker buses than its Latin origin as Londinium incidentally, some scholars have unearthed an even older etymology linking it to a certain preRoman chieftain bearing the moniker King Lud.

In Norway, few natives of Kristiansand think seriously about implications of their hometown being named after King Christian IV — ; and few are even aware that the smaller town Kristiansund was named after another, less well thomas hylland eriksen [72] known Dano-Norwegian king, namely Christian VI — Presumably, not a few inhabitants of Oslo and of Norway would have reflected critically on the change of name in the first years after its adoption, and the debate ending in the final decision to change the name of Kristiania, taking place both in the City Council and in the Parliament, had been long and passionate.

Controversy surrounding the naming of a street in oslo after knut hamsun

Deliberately changing a historical place name is a dramatic act which is highly likely to lead to controversy and disagreement, disregarding the particular circumstances. Changes in place names may reflect new political circumstances Volgograd to Stalingrad and back; St.

Petersburg to Leningrad and back, etc. When new place names are needed, as in recently built suburbs of modern cities, careful deliberation is often needed to capture the genius loci in ways presumed to be acceptable for the public in the years to come.

Inas part of her campaign to be elected as Rector, Prof. OSLa volume 4 2place names in multicultural societies [73] Transitions are rarely as smooth and successful as this — nobody could have known, when Trygve Lie Square was named in the s, that most of the people walking across it in the early 21st century would have a non-Norwegian background, yet the name seems perfectly appropriate and indeed, at a time when xenophobia and a culture of suspicion surrounding the new demography are rife, can work a reminder of the fact that all of Norwegian history has not been centred on ethnic nationalism; in fact, that cosmopolitanism has a fairly substantial lineage even in this remote corner.

Attributing names to physical entities is generally a task left to gods indeed it seems to be one of their main dutiesbut today it has increasingly become the domain of city councils and municipal administrations.

Seen against this backdrop, it becomes evident that the responsibility of naming represents a substantial challenge, and — one might add — this is more evident than perhaps ever before in our era of transience and complexity, when local inhabitants represent different cultural backgrounds, local history bifurcates and the cultural identities of the population cannot even be expected to remain stable in the years to come.

It may well be that future citizens of Oslo will have the opportunity to meet for appointments at Salimi Square, to shop for vegetables in Kharian Street, to take their picnics in Rubina Rana Park and to drive to Drammen on Mogadishu Road.Labels.

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street at Grønland in Oslo’s immigrant-dense East End after the aforementioned, late Rubina Rana, the first non-white chair of the city’s prestigious Constitution Day Committee. The name of city and municipality was Kristiania until 1 January when the name was changed to Oslo.

Oslo was the name of an eastern suburb and the site of the city centre until the devastating fire. Christian, king of Denmark, ordered a new city built with his own name. Oslo remained a poor suburb outside the city border.

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Controversy surrounding the naming of a street in oslo after knut hamsun