Faux bois wrapping paper

So, when an opportunity to attend a workshop taught by Eli Navarette was offered at the Northern Clay Center, I was thrilled to attend. Some finished pieces by Eli Navarette Eli was a really nice guy, open, knowledgeable and helpful. He taught the class in Spanish with a translator.

Faux bois wrapping paper

Deep down, I really like gift wrapping. The key to having pretty presents under your tree is to coordinate your gift wrap and ribbons. The safest thing to do is to go with the same color scheme. This year I did white and silver to go with my mostly white Christmas tree.

Faux bois wrapping paper

I also have some hints of gray. I used four different styles of gift wrap: I never pay full price for ribbon. I also rarely pay full price for Christmas gift wrap.

I get it at Black Friday or after Christmas sales. I made them by printing this template out on card stock, cutting out the shapes, tracing the shapes onto the backside of the wrapping paper, cutting out the three pieces, and putting them together with double-sided tape.

These are best for smaller presents. This one below is the simplest. I take two pieces of ribbon criss-cross them across the top of the package, leaving about an inch or so to wrap around the to bottom of the package.

Then I tape the ribbon down see photo after the one below. Why do I do this?

Faux bois wrapping paper

I finish it up with a pre-made bow— you know, the those big bags of bows you buy at after-Christmas sales. For this guy, I used the same ribbon criss-cross method. But I made a separate bow. Then I hot glue the bow to the middle of the criss-crossing ribbon.

For this one, I do the criss-cross ribbon method, and then I hot glue a bow on top. Take a piece of ribbon. The length will depend on how big your box is.

Fold each end into the middle, overlapping each end by about 1 inch. Staple it I do 3 staples.

Add a long piece of ribbon to the mix. Take your first ribbon and pinch it in the middle.Faux Bois Woodgrain custom gift wrap by peacoquettedesigns for sale on Spoonflower.

Shop faux bois fabric at the world's largest marketplace supporting indie designers. Print custom fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap with Spoonflower starting at $5. Trace the head, breast and body templates onto wrapping paper and use scissors to cut out. 2. Thread a sewing needle with embroidery floss.


What you'll need: faux bois paper ($4, attheheels.com Faux Bois Wrapping Paper, From $3, Paper Source Handcrafted in Nepal from renewable bark, this paper featuring multicolored poms offers a unique way to present your greatest gifts.

Felted Poms Wrapping Paper, $18, Anthropologie. I find great wrapping paper at Marshalls every year. They always have great papers and ribbons. You can find similar gray and white stripe paper here at Hobby Lobby, similar faux bois wrapping paper, polka dot paper, metallic french wire ribbon, and narrow red velvet ribbon at Amazon.

The collection also includes a chalkboard garland, a birch faux bois and a wooly dot pattern. Of course these coordinate with the chalkboard set as well. For these gift wrap printables, just download and print onto 11×17 text weight paper.

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