Mehta automobiles

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Mehta automobiles

Nissan Austerand the Stanza for the model year.

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The Nissan Auster, which is named for the Latin equalivent of the Greek god notos for the south wind, was a smaller companion to the Nissan Skyline sedan at Nissan Prince Store ; Stanza, which is Italian for "room" or "apartment", was introduced as an affordable family car one level above the Nissan Sunnysold at Nissan Japan dealerships Nissan Satio Store.

The third version Violet was sold at dealerships called Nissan Cherry Store locations. In Australiait was called the Datsun Stanza, and in Canada and the United States it was the Datsuna name which Mehta automobiles the successes of the previous Datsun Datsun J Coupe A10 Originally it was only sold with the 1.

In October the car underwent a facelift, becoming the A11 in the process. At the same time, the L16 engines were replaced by the cross-flow Z16to meet newer stricter emissions rules. The more luxurious Stanza was never available with the 1.

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The five-door liftback Stanza was marketed as the "Stanza Resort" in the Japanese domestic market, and given the chassis model code T Transmissions offered were a four-speed manual in all except for the hatchback modelsa five-speed manual hatchback models onlyand a three-speed automatic.

This generation was available for sale around the same time as the first generation Toyota Celica Camry and the Honda Accordwhich formed direct competitors in the domestic marketplace.

Mehta automobiles

While popular with buyers, the Australian Stanza was heavily criticized by the motoring journalists of the day particularly Wheels Magazinewho regarded the car as being "unadventurous", particularly with regard to its styling and conventional drivetrain.

They were released into the market anyway with no promotion, and promptly sold out. New Zealand[ edit ] A batch of the Aseries J, in three-door hatchback form, were imported to New Zealand when local assemblers could not keep up with demand.

Europe[ edit ] In the United Kingdom, this generation was marketed as the Datsun Violet, and was sold in 1. No estate models were offered.

Mehta automobiles

It was sold as the YLN, anddepending on which facelift version. In later years it was only available with hatchback bodywork and a 1. Introduced as a model, it superseded the previous series as the second generation "Datsun J". At first, the Mexican A10 Violet range only included the 4-door saloon and the Wagon, being as previously respectively marketed as "Datsun Sedan" and "Datsun Guayin" badged Violet Van in Japancontinuing the former promotion strategy of the Nissan Mexico lineup.

For the first time here, the 2-door saloon version was added to the range. From tothe Mexican-produced A10 units had pretty much the same design of the Japanese-spec A10 Violets produced between the lapse.

The front grille of the 4-door and wagon featured the same doubled-circle headlight set i. Forthe Mexican A10 cars sported the same facelift works made on the Japanese-produced Violets, going on a bit with the North American-spec A10 units marketed in the USA as Datsunhinting then the well-gained reputation of the former series Bluebird model of the late 60's-early 70's.

This slight facelift focused majorly on the updated front grille, featuring a singled or doubled set of new squared or rectangular-shaped headlights. From here, the commercialization of the Mexican A10 lineup changed to Datsun J, referring the more powerful 1.

It intended to be a sleek, sporty while -by then- modern style saloon in the Nissan Mexico lineup.In , Mr.

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