Michael jordan leadership paper

Michael Jordan is a great leader.

Michael jordan leadership paper

Yet, as a leader, you are remembered because you were able to move an agenda. Leaders are remembered for their accomplishments, not their promises. He presents a four-step process that anyone can learn to master with practice.

To move an agenda, you need to learn to harness what others have to offer if for no other reason than you have blind spots.

Who Will Lead Us Tomorrow?

You need to build a coalition and develop the managerial skills required to maintain forward movement. It requires a campaign of pragmatic leadership. Second, you must mobilize your campaign. Third, you need to negotiate buy-in. And fourth, you must sustain momentum. In this post we will focus on the first stage—Anticipate the Agenda of Others—because this is the stage that most of us miss or move too quickly over and Michael jordan leadership paper ourselves up for frustration or failure.

Anticipate the Agenda of Others This means knowing where others are coming from. Putting yourself in their shoes.

Our own egos are the enemy here. You need to know who you are dealing with—the stakeholders. Top Dogs organizational decision makersGatekeepers the liaisonsGurus senior individuals, external consultants, the board of directorsand the Players people directly impacted by your agenda.

The players are your essential ally. All of these stakeholders have their own agendas and ways they go about accomplishing them.

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If you know where you are coming from and where others are coming from you can begin to see what might motivate someone to join your change effort.

This framework can help you do that. Distinguishing traditionalists from developers, developers from adjusters, and adjusters from revolutionaries allows you to identify where others are coming from quickly and efficiently. In making these distinctions, be careful not to assume that these agendas are immutable or that people are uniformly consistent from one situation to another.

Of course, we are a factor in the process. We have our own motivations and our preferred ways of dealing with change. It is critical that we know where we are coming from too. We may need to adjust the approach we are comfortable with in order to move our agenda. The chart below helps you to see how your motivation relates to the motivation of others.

But here is a key insight: Successful leaders understand that the real challenge is in the gray area—converting potential allies into allies and making sure the potential resistors are not transformed into full-fledged resistors.

Potential allies and potential resistors disagree with either your approach or your goals. Skillful negotiation may persuade these individuals to reconsider aspects of your agenda that differ from theirs.

Rule #3: Leadership Is Confusing As Hell

If you are not careful, potentials can easily switch to resistors. Mobilize Your Campaign Timing and tone make a difference. Choose your words carefully to justify why your agenda should be supported. Make sure your idea is well thought through and you demonstrate the ability to see it through.

How will it benefit them? If they come on board, it is reasonable to assume that it can be done, will they get any of the credit, and are they protected if it fails. They want to know what changes for them.

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Michael jordan leadership paper

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