The kite runner book vs. movie essay

The narrator and main character is not Hassan, but Amir, a privileged Pashtun boy living in Kabul.

The kite runner book vs. movie essay

It has then made it to the silver screen in carrying the same title. The story is about two Afghan boys Amir and Hassan, growing up together and having a good but somewhat conflicting relationship. A horrific event one day leads to a gap between the boys and ultimately causes their friendship to end.

The movie adaptation stays close with the plot of the book, only changing and not including some parts that do not really affect the outcome of the plot.

This paper would cite the slight differences of the movie from the book. Ali, too, did not have much presence in the movie than in the book despite losing his paralysis in the movie.

The missing cleft lip of Hassan resulted into some changes. To retain the appeal of realism to movie goers, some elements present in the book were not included in the movie.

For instance, the break in narration when Amir and Hassan had their dreams was also cut from the movie version because its inclusion as well as others would make the movie too long. Although not that important, another thing in the book which is not present in the film is the gift of Assef, the antagonist of the story, to Amir.

Perhaps, inclusion of the infamous book by a mass murderer would stir some added issues to this already controversial film. This disparity in time prompted the director to apply some more changes.

The kite runner book vs. movie essay

In the movie, Amir was already graduating in college when the scene moves to America; in the book, Amir has yet to finish high school. Another is the suicide attempt of Sohrab near the end upon hearing that he may have to go to an orphanage again in order to go to America with Amir.

I somehow feel that these are important issues that should have been included in the movie even if it would make the movie thirty minutes longer, but in the end, even if they were not mentioned in the film, it would not have made much difference to the conclusion of the film. Conclusion There are books that, when made into a film, lose some major points in the plot.

The Kite Runner is not one of them. The movie sticks closely to the plot and has not added nor excluded parts that would have drastically changed the story line.

The kite runner book vs. movie essay

Yet, even with that in mind, I would still prefer the book because sometimes, details are what make books interesting for me. Excluding some details have not lost the essence of the book, but the book having more details definitely appeals to me more.Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store.

The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini. Some of us know the book, some of us know the movie and some of us know them both. But it is almost unlikely that there are people who do not know anything about it all when we are talking about The Kite Runner; the book became an international bestseller and the movie was a great success too/5(1).

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The symbolism and themes of the book are evident in the movie also.

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The experience of reading "The Kite Runner" for an English class, or just for yourself, can only be heightened by viewing the movie as well. References. Hosseini, Khaled.

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"The Kite Runner" Movie vs. Book Essay - A4Essay